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Working as a home interior design photographer in Chicago, we often get an early peek inside homes.For this stunning inspiring bathroom, the interior design materials and designer’s theme was monotone, minimalistic white, and farmhouse classic styled.White and gray bathroom design elements blend together well making this master bath appealing, classic clean and yet modern.Creating a centerpiece for the master bathroom tub, the elegant round crystal chandelier sparkled hanging above tub.The white and gray colored luxury master bathroom had a dual spray, walk-in gray marble shower.

fabulous freestanding bath ideas

There's something delightfully decadent about a freestanding bath.So if your space allows, a freestanding bath is the choice du jour for modern homes.Alternatively, a contemporary freestanding bath can complement classic architecture and balance old and new styles.

fabulous freestanding bath ideas
Read Also:His And Hers Double Bathroom Basin Ideas (opens in new tab)We've selected the freestanding bath ideas that have had us in a lather; from those enlivened with colourful surfaces to others with pure white finishes.

bold moveThis freestanding bath is in the bedroom room, while the shower is located in the space beyond.

35 Irresistible Bathroom Ideas With Freestanding Tubs

Their utility as a centerpiece for a contemporary or antique style bathroom has made them more desirable in recent years.Here are a few bathroom ideas with freestanding tubs you can use for inspiration!Bathtubs like the old timesOne of the hallmarks of an early twentieth century bathroom was a freestanding bathtub.While these are some interesting ideas for utilizing a freestanding bathtub in a modern bathroom, there’s more here.

35 Irresistible Bathroom Ideas With Freestanding Tubs
The following bathroom ideas with freestanding tubs will leave you wondering how you ever survived with only a shower stall.

Marble Bathroom: Master Bath Reveal

See the before and after of a master bathroom renovation and get the source list for this gorgeous marble bathroom with gold and polished nickel accents!Hello, luxurious marble master bathroom.

Marble Bathroom: Master Bath Reveal
Marble Tile in the bathroomThe first thing you’ll notice is that we used Carrara marble tile in the entire space.

This master bathroom remodel cost us more than any other bathroom remodel we’ve ever done.

Either way, I hope this master bathroom renovation and these sources help you plan the next project in your own home!

Neutral Lake House Bathroom Decor

577 shares PinShareTweetI’ve been working on a little bathroom refresh in our primary bathroom, and I’m so excited to share my progress with you today.From towels, to baskets, to my gorgeous new faux tree – The Home Depot had everything I needed to complete our bathroom redesign.

Neutral Lake House Bathroom Decor
This 6 ft tall faux tree is the perfect pop of “life” and color for this corner.Speaking of life changing… is there anything better than new soft and fluffy white towels?

Turn on your JavaScript to view contentNeutral Lake House Bathroom Decor Sources

19 Spectacular Master Bathrooms With Freestanding Bathtub

Wall and floor surfaces in the bathroom must be covered with materials that are easy to maintain.The most convenient are ceramic tiles.

19 Spectacular Master Bathrooms With Freestanding Bathtub
For the walls in the bathroom are recommended smooth tiles with high gloss, but can also be used matte tiles.

Plants, light, stone and water are connection which are attached to the nature and which are full of life.

Here we present you some interesting proposals of master bathrooms with brilliant freestanding bathtub.

Freestanding baths: 14 roll top bath looks to beautify your

We have you covered, as picking the perfect freestanding traditional bath – or roll top – bath is important in both modern and traditional bathrooms.Position a freestanding bath to create an illusion of space(Image credit: DelightFULL)If your style is sleek and minimalist with an industrial inspired feel, a freestanding bath with a matt black finish makes a wonderful addition.Use a freestanding bath to add a pop of colour(Image credit: Little Greene)This happiness-inducing freestanding bath is effective in drawing out the cheery yellow tones of the floral wallpaper.Pick a freestanding bath in miniature(Image credit: Brent Darby)If you’re designing a small bathroom the Tubby Too (opens in new tab) bath from Albion Bath Company is the perfect freestanding bath idea.Choose a simple freestanding bath design(Image credit: Jody Stewart)When you have a home awash with beautiful features, sometimes a more subtle freestanding bath is the way forward.

Fresh Designs Built Around A Corner Bathtub

The same way, a corner bathtub can turn out to be a great option.And there’s enough space space left there for a potted plant.

Fresh Designs Built Around A Corner Bathtub
This is one of the cases where a corner tub is an aesthetic choice.

The platform and the steps that complement some corner tubs are both aesthetic and practical.

One way to do is with a corner tub which, in this case, fits beautifully into the whole rustic décor.

Gorgeous Bathrooms With Freestanding Tub Focal Points

of 15 Penthouse bathroom with Gessi freestanding tub Skylight bathroom lighting and freestanding tub Attic bathroom decor with accent floor lighting and freestanding tub Honeycomb bathroom floor and freestanding tub contemporary bathroom with smooth freestanding tub 160 years house with modern bathroom Artistic Designs For Living - Bathroom Black bathroom accents with wooden beams bathroom design natural Elegant a beautifully preserved victorian villa undergoes a modern update Gold ceiling details and freestanding bathtub Costaguti Experience Villa freestanding tub and modern floor tiles Modern rectangular tiles pattern and freestanding tub Stalking bathroom with beadboard walls and bathtub Ecletic interior design with freestanding bathtub Bathroom with freestanding tub and black interior window shutters Gorgeous Bathrooms With Freestanding Tub Focal Points Buy NowOne of the first things one has to decide when designing or remodeling a bathroom is what type of tub they prefer.Whatever your style may be, whatever color, finish, material or shape you prefer, someone probably already designed a freestanding tub that’s perfect for you.the black freestanding tub takes center stage, being complemented by colorful accent pieces and exquisite artwork.

Gorgeous Bathrooms With Freestanding Tub Focal Points
The freestanding tub features a soft curves and an oval shape complemented by a round top side table and an armchair with tapered legs.This is noticeable in all the spaces, including this stylish bathroom with expansive views and a stylish and modern freestanding tub.

6 Modern Bathroom Style Tips You Need

6 Modern Bathroom Style Tips You NeedThe modern bathroom style is elegant, sleek, and minimalistic.Whether your bathroom is large or small, modern bathroom design can turn it into a luxurious sanctuary for relaxation.If you are a fan of clean, uncluttered spaces and sophisticated design, a modern bathroom style may be just right for you.For the modern bathroom style, bar lighting is a popular choice, which is long and narrow with clean lines.Wall-mounted toilets are another element of the modern style bathroom.

8 Hot New Bathroom Ideas Trending Now

So take a moment to imagine the perfect escape as you consider if any of these ideas are right for redoing your favorite bathroom space.The best bathroom remodel contractor understands this and works hard to ensure that a new bathroom will make life easier for everyone in the household.You will also need to make sure your bathroom remodel contractor installs proper ventilation.Cork, bamboo, stone, and marble are materials that you can integrate into your bathroom remodel plans that are both current and natural.Let us design your perfect bathroom escapeWe are proud of our reputation as the best bathroom remodel contractors in the Buffalo and Western New York areas for stylish bathroom makeovers.

11 Freestanding Tub Next to Shower Design Ideas

Being able to store all of your bath supplies in one dedicated area of your bathroom is another benefit to the freestanding tub near shower design.Some of our favorite bathroom design ideas that feature a freestanding tub next to shower include:Freestanding Tub Next to Glass ShowerFor optimal functionality and flow, place an elegant freestanding pedestal tub in the corner or nook closest to your walk-in glass shower.Additional Freestanding Tub Next to Shower Design IdeasRustic décor touches like waterproof shiplap and a farmhouse pitcher vase can help you create a modern farmhouse style bathroom with a separate tub and shower.Make a small bathroom feel much more spacious by placing a compact freestanding tub near a slim walk-in shower or slanted ceiling shower.For assistance with selecting the best freestanding tub to pair with any walk-in shower, contact our Customer Service team!


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