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Mirror with Hooks

So we need a mirror with hooks.I do wish I'd just put 1/4" plywood on the back of the project and glued the mirror to the 1/4" plywood.We hung the mirror with screws through the frame into studs in the wall.

Mirror with Hooks
But this mirror with hooks looks pretty good regardless and is super functional!

Build and share, we can't wait to see how your mirror with hooks turns out.

Makeover for an Awkward Entryway

Before, pretty much everything ended up in this chair or on the small table next to the door.One of my goals with the living room redo is adding more of my personality and some pops of color.When the mirror was done, I hung it and rearranged some furniture by bringing over a small cabinet underneath.

Makeover for an Awkward Entryway
Here is the detail of the top of the mirror:I really enjoy the finished look of the formerly awkward entryway and that we now have specific places to hold important things.Do you have any awkward areas in your home that you’ve made into something beautiful and functional?



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