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I wrestled for a while with what color I should paint her, the top contenders being red or black.And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

The color makes the white trim pop and really plays well with the gray siding.

If you’re like me, you love a good ‘before’ and ‘after’ side-by-side shot so here it is:I purchased the house number from Maxwell Pottery in the Old Port.And she really, really needed it…I wanted a ‘fancy’ handle but they were $125+ at the big box home stores so I looked online and found this one for half the price at Overstock.

How to Select the Right Color for Your Shutters

Nowadays, shutters provide a design aesthetic, giving homeowners another way to add texture and color to their exterior.Most exterior color palettes use three colors – a primary and two accent colors (see 2018 Color Palette Combos We Love for examples).

How to Select the Right Color for Your Shutters
White shutters and white trim also add brightness to a window, making them look larger.

RedA great bold choice, red shutters and doors make a statement.For beige, light gray or white homes, consider dark red shutters as an alternative to traditional navy, gray or black.

The Little Pink Gray House

SO it turns out, if you are really super awesome and a peach to work with, people help you out.So, it’s the little pink house no more.Now it’s the little GRAY house!Before: We like to (affectionately) call our house a “Dusty Rose” color.Painted a classic gray (Behr Classic Gray) with black shutters (color: Behr Beluga), white trim (Color: Behr Billowy Down), and red doors (color: Behr Daredevil).

The Red Door

The house I love, the one that is around the corner and sits on a busy street, no longer has a red door.When I was a child, I always believed� families who lived in houses with red doors were happier than most.

The Red Door
The Cunninghams didn’t live in a house with a red door.

The Bradys didn’t have a red door, either, which I get.

A red door seems a bit contrived for a maestro of split-level architecture like Mike Brady.

Before and After: House Exterior Paint Job

Will someone please tell me what we used to do with our time before we owned a home and had a baby?While I was out there, I realized I never shared pictures of the exterior of our house!

Before and After: House Exterior Paint Job
Or maybe they were just excited that we were putting forth some kind of effort into making the exterior look nice.We had painted the exterior of a much smaller house together before, and even with lots of help, it took FOR-EV-AH.This is what it looked like during a snowstorm not long after that paint job:But I knew it still wasn’t quite there yet.

Gray House, What color shutter & front door would look good??

Help, The shutters and front door on my house need painting.I want to change color schemes but can not decide on what would look best.My house is gray and the shutters and front door are Merlot color.What colors would look good on a gray house.(black shutters, dark red door)(navy shutters, dark red door or a lighter shade of blue on door).


How to Mix and Match Design Styles With Ease

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