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Candlestick Decor Ideas

I love using candlesticks around the house, I have a set in just about every room and my collection is still growing.There are so many beautiful ones out there, it’s hard to pass them up!

Candlestick Decor Ideas
To switch things up, I like to use items other than candles sometimes.I thought I’d show you some great “non-candle” ideas of ways to use those beautiful candlesticks:SourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceSourceThere are so many great ideas out there and I am already wanting to change some of my candles out!

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Decorating with Candlesticks

A display of candlesticks looks more interesting when the candlesticks are all different, but have a similar characteristic.Candlesticks are one such "collectible" that look great combined together when done correctly.There are a few things to keep in mind when decorating with candle holders....For instance, the candlesticks can all be different shapes and sizes if they are all a similar color and have the same color candles.Some really interesting candlesticks act as sculptures in the display.

Decorating with Candlesticks
I think this is a perfect example of how amazing glass candlesticks can look together....I also love how great the clear glass vase looks added into the display!

Pottery Barn has a collection of different glass vessels holding candles on top of the bookcases that I think is really eye-catching.


Let’s talk about 5 tips for collecting and using candlesticks!I love love love mercury glass candlesticks and have been collecting them for about 3 years now.

THINK ABOUT COLLECTING CANDLESTICKS THAT HAVE LIKE QUALITIESChoose what you love and then refine your collection.

The mercury glass looks magical blurred in the background of this Christmas table!

USE CANDLESTICKS IN GROUPSsourceThere are some things that live better in groups… deer, people, penguins and candlesticks!

Decorating Tips and Ideas on How to Beautify Your Home with Candlesticks

Only attention to one detail: the candlestick has only one candle, unlike the candelabra.That is the big difference between these two objects.Try placing one or even more candlesticks on the coffee table or side table and see the difference the piece will make in the environment.Candlesticks can also be successfully included in the decoration of the bedroom, bathroom, hallways and even the lobby.

Decorating Tips and Ideas on How to Beautify Your Home with Candlesticks
Special occasionsStill at home, candlesticks can be transported from place to support a special decoration such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter and birthdays.

Now lets see the most inspiring candlestick ideas presented in room decor.


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