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How to style a gray sofa: 5 secrets from top designers

The versatile gray sofa – described by designers as a 'neutral base' – is often used as the blank canvas in a room.Whether you're looking for grey sofa living room ideas or styling the piece in your bedroom or home office, the question of how to style a gray sofa correctly remains the same.

How to style a gray sofa: 5 secrets from top designers
How to style a gray sofa – 5 rules designers followAll successful grey living room ideas begin with a well a well-curated sofa.

Soften with natural textures(Image credit: Jan Baldwin)With its neutral aesthetic, gray is one of the most versatile colors to style.

But if you want to accentuate your artwork further, you can do so above your gray sofa.

What Colors Go With a Grey Sofa?

Neutral Color PaletteWhat wall color goes with grey couch?Monochromatic Dark GreyMonochromatic dark grey sofa colour scheme ideas create a bold and intense look.Meanwhile, a dark grey wall in a matte finish pairs well with dark grey sofa in linen fabric.Warm Colors: Red, Orange, Yellow and PinkPowerful Red and BrickFor those who love warm colors, we have included a few ideas for you here too!

What Colors Go With a Grey Sofa?
A light gray and light pink of very similar intensity and brightness produce a combination that is both youthful and sophisticated.


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