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34 white hexagon bathroom floor tile ideas and pictures 2022

White hexagon bathroom floor tile 2022Such geometric figures as hexagon are quite interesting for designers, especially if we speak of ceramic tile.Often, hexagon tile in the interior is used on the floor where it looks in its place, elegant and exquisite.White hexagon tile is rather popular on the floor of the bathroom where it creates an interesting pattern that attracts attention to the floor area.And remember, you have many ways to use hexagon tile on the floor: big and small, mosaic, all-white, or with adding other colors.If you need more white hexagon bathroom floor tile ideas just look through our photo gallery below – there you will find a lot of interesting examples of using such a worthy interior design approach as hexagon tile.

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Hexagon tiles in various shades of grey line the walls in the 2-in-1 bath and shower in this bathroom.These grey hexagonal wall tiles stick out slightly from the wall to create a textured honeycomb look.

Bathroom Tile Ideas
Matte grey hexagon tiles from Tile Space6.Dark grey hexagon tiles on this bathroom floor partnered with the wood paneled feature wall make the space feel modern and inviting.Grey and white marble hexagon tiles on the wall of this bathroom give the space a sophisticated and spa-like feel.

32 white hexagon bathroom tile ideas and pictures 2022

White hexagon bathroom tile 2022There are so many shapes and forms when it comes to bathroom tile!If you are choosing a tile for the bathroom look closer to such an interesting design as hexagon tile.

32 white hexagon bathroom tile ideas and pictures 2022
But placing hexagon tile under your feet is not the only option – this kind of tile will look as unique on the walls or even around the bathtub or shower unit.

The best color for hexagon tile is white as it symbolizes purity, gentleness, and freedom and adds visual space to a bathroom that needs it.These white hexagon bathroom tile ideas below will help you make the right choice.


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