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Rustic Modern Bedroom Makeover with Twin Beds

Get twin bedroom ideas for girls or guests with this white farmhouse bedroom.But before we do, just a quick shot to help you appreciate how far this small twin bedroom has come.Mixing vintage and modern accentsSpeaking of modern accents, every person who has walked into this room has asked me where I got these lamps.

Rustic Modern Bedroom Makeover with Twin Beds
I love how the modern lines of the lamps complement the super rustic dresser and more formal twin bed frames.

Mixing modern, vintage, and traditional styles is my favorite!

How to Decorate With Twin Beds

Twin beds can make a room look uncomfortable simply because they occupy most of the floor space.Symmetry is important when decorating a room with twin beds.

How to Decorate With Twin Beds
Use strong contrasts to highlight some particular design details such as the sculptural frames of these twin canopy beds.A very practical idea would be to integrate the twin beds into a wall unit.

In a room where two twin beds are the only things that can fit, there’s not much space for anything else.

Twin bedroom ideas: stylish tips for when you want two single beds

Twin bedroom ideas: make your sleep space doubly stylishA twin bedroom might be a shared bedroom for siblings, or provide a comfortable bed for when a child's friend comes to stay.Whichever your style, we've spoken to the experts to find out the best twin bedroom ideas, design tips and style inspiration.

Twin bedroom ideas: stylish tips for when you want two single beds
Make a mirror image(Image credit: Jan Baldwin/Future)One approach to twin bedroom ideas is to lean in to the theme of symmetry.

How can I make twin beds look good?

When you're planning your twin bedroom ideas, put the beds at the heart of your decorating scheme and build from there.

7 Twin Beds Ideas That Aren't Just For Kids and College Students

Twin beds often make an appearance for a very specific, functional reason: Maybe your kids share a room or you’re trying to host as many guests as possible in your vacation home or you’re just tight on square feet.The symmetry that the side-by-side provides is a grounding base from which you can mirror or mismatch to any degree.

7 Twin Beds Ideas That Aren't Just For Kids and College Students
These seven rooms (and their coordinating accessories) prove that when it comes to twin beds, two actually is better than one.

Le Mode MonochromeIf this Tuscany hotel room doesn’t convince you that twin beds aren’t just for children’s rooms, we don’t know what will.

Decked OutInterior designer Cameron Ruppert didn’t mess around when designing this whimsical children’s room, which houses four.

adult twin beds

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Twin Bedroom Ideas For Your Home

A twin bedroom with twin beds and a dark green shade surrounding itAlso, Check out more about Green Bedroom DesignsA Twin Bedroom Set For The BoysHaving twin boys can be quite a handful.A boys twin bedroom set in with airforce blue cabinets and standing lampsAlso, Explore more about Teen Boy Bedroom IdeasTwo Girls?A pretty pink and white themed twin bedroom for two pretty young ladies with frocks and frillsAlso, Check out more about Teenage Girls Bedroom DesignsA Yellow And White Twin Bedroom For AdultsEveryone needs some time with their girlfriends even if you’re an adult.This twin bedroom has twin clothing racks in a mini size to hang your towels.This is what we at Design Cafe think are the best twin bedroom ideas for your home.

34 charming kids bedroom ideas for children's rooms of any size

Children's rooms, in comparison, can fall by the design wayside.However, the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating a child's bedroom; it's a chance to be creative and have some decorating fun.

34 charming kids bedroom ideas for children's rooms of any size
Indeed, as they grow older, children's interests, habits and proclivities evolve, which adds a certain complexity to children’s room design.

Of course, if classic kids’ room colours really aren’t for you, it is still possible to create a beautiful space full of character your child will adore.

Lofted beds are a chic, modern option ­ and help to free up space to accommodate a desk or dresser in tinier rooms.

Guest Bedroom Inspiration {20 Amazing Twin Bed Rooms}

*UPDATE: I finished my guest room makeover!I’m still in the process of figuring out what I want to do with our guest bedroom.We considered making it an office, considered making it a hobby room, but ultimately, decided that a guest room was the most practical for our needs.My “to do” list for our guest room is quite long….I still need to paint, add crown molding, find and hang curtains, have an overhead light installed, and accessorize!

Guest Bedroom Inspiration {20 Amazing Twin Bed Rooms}
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Twin Guest Bedroom: The Before

I previously shared “before” images of my basement and queen guest bedroom.Today, I’d like to introduce you to my twin guest bedroom.

Twin Guest Bedroom: The Before
Twin Guest Bedroom: The BeforeThis is one of two guest bedrooms in my house.

Since I moved in, which was roughly three years ago, I haven’t done much to either of my guest bedroom spaces other than add in some random furniture and accessories.

Since this room is getting painted this week, I thought I better snap and share some before photos.

10 Guest Bedroom Ideas for an Impressive Retreat

However, if you really think about it, a guest bedroom, especially for those party people, means a lot.Here are some inspiring guest room ideas that will transform your space into an impressive retreat.

10 Guest Bedroom Ideas for an Impressive Retreat
Jokes aside, take a look at these brilliant ideas and get your guest bedroom started!

When you add a couch or sofa to a guest bedroom, the bedroom becomes more of a functional space for guests than just a place to sleep.

Build a Guest BathMaking a separate bathroom available in the guest room may make your guests feel more at home.

5 Ways A Twin Bed In A Guest Room Works

879 shares SharePin5 Ways A Twin Bed In A Guest Room WorksCan a twin bed in a guest room work?5 Ways To Make A Twin Bed In A Guest Room WorkWe now have a combo playroom / guest room that will serve us beautifully over the holidays when we are hosting!Twin Bedroom Ideas: Twin + Twin = King!Are you squeezing an office guest room together, or a playroom guest room combo like we did?Give The Twin Bed A Mature Color Palette To Avoid Visions of CollegeUnfortunately, a twin bed can bring up visions of your dorm room or a kid’s bed.

Bedroom Grows from Toddler to Teen

Bedroom Grows from Toddler to TeenWhen a little one was ready to graduate from his toddler bed to a big kid bed, it meant it was also time to take his bedroom walls from baby blue to a more mature hue that he could grow into.To ensure the new deep ocean blue paint color would last for years to come, and also to tackle the felt marker stains on the wall, we started with KILZ 2® All-Purpose Primer.

Bedroom Grows from Toddler to Teen
This water-based primer is a great multi-surface sealer and stain blocker, up to the challenge for light and medium stains.We chose a deep ocean blue, KILZ Complete Coat® in Stormy Sea, that would work well in the new big kid bedroom and also be a shade he’d be sure to like as a teenager.Fast forward to his teen years and the bedroom was in need of another update – bit this time around we did not need to prime or paint, since the ocean blue walls were still looking great!


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