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A small living room can feel limiting to some but less space doesn’t mean that you can’t have great design. In fact, many small living room ideas can make the space feel larger or just cozier in general. You want to avoid having oversized furniture, but too many small pieces may make your space look cluttered.

Having fewer appropriately sized pieces is going to make the space seem larger. In the living room, you want to make sure that people can navigate the space without problems. For example, putting a sofa in front of the entrance can make the room feel unwelcome.

Blocking the walkways can be a tripping hazard and just make the space more challenging in general. Before you shop for new furniture, create a floor plan and make notes of how people will get in and out of the room. This will help you avoid buying pieces or putting them in places where they’ll block people. Consider adding mirrors to help reflect light and placing lamps throughout the room.

Small spaces simply can’t handle the same amount of stuff that a larger room can. Make sure to put items away promptly and avoid letting clutter build up.

Small rooms can be just as comfortable as larger ones but only when your furniture is the appropriate shape. Choosing more streamlined pieces can make a significant difference so it’s well worth looking for these options.

What often works well is multipurpose storage pieces such as lidded ottomans and similar options.

The best rule of thumb is to use a few repetitive elements so that it feels like a cohesive space.

For example, having matching throw pillows or identical lamps can be a good way to get started. For example, a glass coffee table or exposed legs on a sofa instead of a skirt allow the space to remain open.

Blankets, curtains, and pillows can be added in small amounts to make the space look great. Read More: Real Life Living Room Ideas (with Inspiration to Get Started)

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