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The green roof of your house can easily become a source of envy if not paired with the correct color scheme. To make sure that your roof looks its best and complements the rest of your home, here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a color.

A soft background in green, paired with a complementary shade of gray, will add peacefulness to any room.

It blends nicely with a green roof while standing out visually and giving homes distinctive curb appeal.

If you want a rustic, graceful, and inviting look for your home—and don’t mind using black accents to get it—this antique-style color scheme is perfect for you. If you want a fresh, modern look for your house, choose a cream-colored trim with chrome roofing and white shutters.

It’s easy to use because white and cream-colored paint are inherently neutral colors that don’t clash with any other exterior decorating schemes. White will instantly add bold contrast and focus to any design, whether it’s full of deep forest greens or vivid limes. If you’re hoping to freshen things up in your home but don’t want to change the overall feel of your space, a palette made up of pure white and green is an easy way to accomplish this. The color cream can contrast with the house’s green roof, creating a striking appearance. Lavender and green are complementary colors that make an excellent combination for elegant decor. The white walls, green roof, and brightly colored flowers make the house’s exterior stand out when viewed in sunlight.

Houses with red bricks and green roofing are classic examples of architectural design — both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Tan is a bright, vivid hue that varies from light yellow to almost green in tone. This shade can be used as the base color for any project where greens are desired, but intense sun or heat might fade them in time. If you choose brown for your home’s exterior paint job, pairing it with a country-style green roof will give your house an air of rustic elegance. Many classic log cabins have distinctive metallic roofs that give them an added rustic charm when considered together. The home’s exterior can be painted with a pale shade of brown to reflect this environmentally friendly approach.

The green roof paired with pink can create a calming effect, especially when the color is used in small doses. This color scheme of ivory and green is a popular choice for the exterior of homes with metal roofs. The cream-colored stone base offers warmth to balance out the blue-green hue of metal roofing. The ivory house exudes a calm, peaceful atmosphere with its cream-colored walls and green tin roof.

The interior décor is painted in earthy tones, which complement the home’s exterior color scheme. The gorgeous stone exterior and metal roofing highlight the house’s rustic charm.

The deep purple and dark green colors meld together beautifully to create a soothing exterior look. The deep shade of purple on the exterior walls complements the dark green trimming around the windows and doors.

When combined with a darker shade of green, Alice blue can create a warm, cozy atmosphere. If your house is surrounded by plenty of greenery, consider choosing an exterior paint color that complements the green. You can also choose something that contrasts with the color of your roof, such as a light blue, to help it blend with the natural surroundings.


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