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But for many homes, the window is paired with the kitchen sink, which means that we spend a lot of time standing there, not only looking at the view outside, but the one inside as well! Get my FREE 5-day email guide and join the 10,000 subscribers who already receive the weekly decorating tips and exclusive art! Other treatment ideas sit entirely outside of the window frame so as not to obstruct the view or block the light. We’ll look at all of the kitchen window design ideas, starting with the most common types: shades and curtains. These woven shades are most often found as inside mount options and are great for privacy, as well as adding some texture to the space. Using ring clips will allow you to easily move the curtains to the side if you want more light or need to open the window.

If your kitchen already has a lot of pattern or movement in the countertop or backsplash, stick with a solid fabric for your drape. Roman shades are great for adding color and pattern while still maintaining privacy! If privacy and light filtering aren’t a concern, you might opt for just a window valence or cornice instead. You can mount them inside the frame or even outside if you want to make smaller windows look bigger. Depending on the style you choose, shutters can have a traditional look or a whimsical cottage feel. The addition of a shelf provides extra storage and display area.

Also, for those who don’t have a view outside that they want to highlight – or perhaps have one they want to hide – a shelf helps to keep the focus inside. Side sconces add additional light while also adding character and an element of customization to the space.

A decorative pendant or unique light fixture can be a beautiful addition to the kitchen. Not only is it practical, but it also draws the eyes upward and can give the illusion of a larger window or taller ceiling. The addition of a beautiful ribbon to an existing shade or blinds is a simple touch that is easy and inexpensive to do and can be changed out according to your mood, decorating style, or season. A boxwood wreath adds a pop of color and a touch of nature and is a simple addition to the window!

This one makes the list since an awning isn’t a traditional curtain window treatment for a kitchen. An alternative to a traditional valance or curtain is to use a piece of reclaimed wood stenciled with a message like the ones shown below. Decorative corbels add visual interest and character to the space, making a unique statement!

You can place a collection of vases on the window sill, white ironstone, or maybe vintage seltzer bottles.


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