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Nothing quite says summer like spending time with friends and family while chilling by the side of a roaring campfire. Here are some of our top picks, ranging in design from miniature structured sheds to 6 cord storage capacities. Storage sheds are an efficient way of storing tools, materials, and yard equipment without the financial burden. Plus, this type of storage shed is highly convenient and can be placed anywhere you want, making them an excellent choice.

Most storage sheds are made from either strong wood, metal, or plastic (resin or vinyl). There are some important factors that you need to look out for when researching firewood storage shed plans to keep your wood safe and secure.

A firewood storage shed should ideally be located by your home for easy access, situated near to the door. Think about it: you will be far less likely to build a fire if you have to tramp through sludge and snow to the bottom of your land in order to retrieve the firewood. Overall, adding a firewood shed to your yard is not only convenient, but keeps the wood clean, dry, and ready for when you need to burn it. This super simple build with a pallet floor is one of the easiest firewood sheds to put together on this list.

It features a slanted roof so that snow and rain run right off the structure, and has three slatted walls on each side to keep the wood safe. The best part is that it has adequate protection without the hassle of being fully enclosed, allowing you easy access to the firewood whenever you want to build a fire.

You don’t need to be a DIY expert to build this mini shed which makes it highly convenient. Notably, the gaps in the wood allow a constant breeze to travel through, which keeps excess moisture away in turn.

These step-by-step DIY project plans are taken from MyOutdoorPlans and showcase how to make one cord 2×12 firewood shed.

It has a sturdy structure with walls on three sides, meaning you’ll have easy access to your firewood whenever you need it. This sturdy shed features a lean-to roof with a large opening at the front, and 3 walls covered with 1×6 boards. Its structure also helps to speed up the drying process as there is a nearly constant flow of air hitting the wood.

This shed has a wooden floor that is elevated slightly above the ground, which protects the logs from being exposed to excess moisture. This addition from buildblueprint features a simple structure with a lean-to roof and an open front, with three sturdy walls encasing the firewood. In terms of size and design, this shed from GardenPlansFree is quite large which makes it ideal for storing firewood. This addition from Black and Decker emphasizes the fact that you don’t need to compromise your style preferences when building a shed!

It features open sides all around and a tapered roof that both protects the firewood from exposure to the elements while also providing full air access so that the wood does not retain moisture. This is essential to the process as you don’t want to end up with a shed that doesn’t have the amount of storage required for your firewood.

Though this isn’t a shed, we felt that these plans for a large firewood rack needed to be added to this list. Thanks to a sturdy set of wheels this DIY shed is portable and can be moved between outdoor locations with just a little bit of effort. If you want to protect your firewood from moisture build-up then this DIY storage shed will be great for you. This firewood storage shed resembles a wooden bungalow thanks to its convenient design and its strong roof that keeps the elements out.

This shed needs to be situated a couple of inches off the ground on a cinder block which will not only increase its sturdiness but also its ability to keep the firewood dry. This cob woodshed comes in a rich clay appeal, has optimum protection from excess moisture, and will definitely be useful if you intend to store an extortionate amount of firewood.

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