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Their creative minds have created Sims 4 homes that you can take inspiration from or download into your own world (if you have the right expansion packs). With this list, you can change your Sims home from a painted box house to a modern, luxurious mansion.

The stunning kitchen blends modern design with country living, while the bathroom would make any Sim feel relaxed.

It features rain collection devices, a beautiful rustic garden, a wind turbine, and, most importantly, a tiny home that fits into the landscape.

In addition, the home features a pool, terrain details, rocks, and other landscaping elements that blow our minds. 3 Mountain Cabin Creator: Kate Emerald EA-ID: KateEmerald Download From Gallery Looking for the perfect escape to the wilderness?

The three-story cabin includes a bar and entertainment room, four bedrooms, large living spaces, and luxurious bathrooms. Surrounded by coniferous trees and nature, this house is perfect for outdoor Sims and those who love the cozy indoors.

The 4-unit apartment building draws inspiration from Japanese architecture and fits perfectly in the Mt Komorebi setting from Sims 4 Snowy Escape.

With fully fitted kitchens and bedrooms tucked in, these tiny apartments are for any small Sims family.

While we know this isn’t exactly a house, building an apartment block is fun when you have the Sims 4 Discover University installed. Woven chairs and wooden tables scatter the floor plan, with a modern and sleek kitchen placed at the heart of the house.

If you genuinely want to experience tropical island living, taking a few pages out of the Sims 4 Creations book is a great idea. 6 River Cabin Creator: Kate Emerald EA-ID: KateEmerald Download From Gallery Keeping in the same style of the mountain cabin above, Kate Emerald has created yet another stunning house that’s got to be one of the best Sims 4 houses on the market (well, your Sims real estate market, anyway). Wrap-around porches take advantage of the stunning views and create outdoor spaces despite the lack of ground to play on.

From the cozy, almost old-fashioned kitchen to the generous dining room, there’s enough space for at least 14 Sims during any diner party you might throw. The ground floor leads up to a wrap-around interior balcony, creating a lounge with a double-volume ceiling space. Starting with the entrance to the home, you’ll find a neat yet lush garden covering the front of the house.

A sandy gravel driveway makes the perfect place to park your car, with a faux garage with barn-like doors. The home has multiple studies, living areas, and dens, supplying the family with plenty of communal spaces. The country-Esque kitchen includes an island with a nook for the family to eat breakfast or keep the cook company. 9 Japanese Townhouse Creator: Jessicapie EA-ID: JessicapieYT Download From Gallery The Sims 4 Snowy Escape introduces a new build style to the game – Japanese-themed homes and items.

Whether you build this home in the scenic landscape of Mt Komorebi or in the simple town of Willow Creek, this Japanese townhouse is perfect for your Sims family. With a tall entrance and driveway leading to a back courtyard, this house will make any Sim feel like royalty.

The dark wood color scheme is complemented by the layers of snow, and the entire cabin lights up with a touch of festive cheers. Despite the spaces being smaller than an ordinary house or apartment found in the Sims 4 city living, they’re still packed with functionality and decor.

House plants hand from curtain rails and ceilings while fully fitted kitchens can be found in each unit.

With platforms and ladders added to the base game, this tiny loft is unique with modern, sleek designs.

A ton of industrial decor gracefully meets eco-living aspects, such as the solar panels mounted on the top container. In addition, the home has plenty of living space to stay cool during the sweltering desert heat waves.

The magnificent gardens welcome all guests to the home and guide them through the front, past a luxury fountain, and into the grand foyer. This 6-person home is perfect for larger families with active children, computer nerds, and sims with a green thumb.

Not only does the simplistic design rule all decisions made inside the home, but outside as well, as it boasts a modern and clean swimming pool area. Carved concrete columns meet clean walls and support the stunning timber staircase that climbs to the second floor.

With modern kitchens, entertainment areas, and luxury bathrooms, your Sims will feel like celebrities without the Get Famous expansion. A covered patio makes space for outdoor dining, and pot plants bring parts of nature indoors.

The home’s interior can only be described as a log cabin that meets contemporary design, with hanging lights and furniture that seem to be the latest trends. This four-bedroom home is perfect for larger and medium families, with an open-plan kitchen, study areas, and a beautiful back porch. With a swimming pool, sunbathing decks, and a roof garden, the sleek design of this modern home is perfect for Sims looking to live a high life. The home also boasts two sheds, chicken coops, bee hives, an excellent garden patch with sprinklers, and a scarecrow.

As for the house, it’s a three-bedroom home has two double beds and a children’s bedroom, which can constantly be redecorated as your family ages. 20 Generations Family Cottage Creator: Jessicapie EA-ID: JessicapieYT Download From Gallery Are you playing the long game?

Plan your next home as a log cabin, a contemporary house, an Italian villa, or a Japanese apartment block.

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