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Many people like this bedroom style because it gives a classy look. It is also a good choice to design a guest bedroom, because gray is considered as a neutral color. A furry chair can be a perfect for the feminine lool too.You can also add a knitted blanket on your bed to make it more artistic.

Add a circle mirror in the middle of the room to enhance the beauty look too. Don’t forget to cover up the floor with a gray carpet. You can paint the wall in light gray and keep the bed in white sheet.

Put on some wall decorations like paintings, and arrange them in symmetrical way. You can also add a light grey carpet on the floor to make the room looks cozier.

Two white drawers on the left and right side of the bed will be great too, especially if you put twin gray decoration lamps on them.

Striped gray paint never cease to give a luxury look to your room.

You can add a lacy white decoration on the wall and twin drawers on the left and right side of the bed too. To make it simple but elegant, you don’t need too much decoration and are better to keep the bed plain and white with gray blanket.

You may also add a flower decoration on the drawer to make your room greener and lively. Dark grey can be a perfect choice too if your room has a good lighting. Light gray can blend perfectly with pink stuffs.

You can paint your bedroom wall in gray and decorate your room with bed covered in gray and pink bed sheet and blanket.

You might also want to cover the floor with black colored carpet to give contrast to the light gray wall. You can design your room in light gray paint and decorate it with some plants, big and small.

A light colored furry carpet can give the elegant look too. You can hang a simple painting or drawing right above the bed to make it more elegant.

Contrast to the light colored wall, you can cover up the floor with black carpet.

You can add a beautiful flower bucket on the table and hang a shelf on the wall to put some decorations like pot and ceramics.

Don’t forget the light bulb lamps for your decoration too. It will enhance the beauty of your bedroom in a single blink when the night comes and the lights are turned on.

A fake furry blanket can be a perfect decoration for your bed too. All you need is just to design your room in dark grey color and keep the rustic floor left unpolished and unpainted.

This gray bedroom idea is perfect for you of you want to show the masculinity in your room. Twin lamps, furry carpet, and wall canvas are perfect decorations for your gray bedroom.

If you have a small room with a great scenery you can enjoy everyday through your room, this gray bedroom idea might be a great idea for you. This gray bedroom will be perfect room to drink a cup of coffee when it is raining outside, don’t you think so?

Well, why don’t just arrange several photographs or painting on the same fram size symmetrically? Gray bricks can be a perfect match to navy blue.

To give some detail to your floor, you can also put on a fluffy gray carpet.

You can also hang a big photograph of yours right above the bed as the wall decoration. Gray can be a perfect choice if you choose the right color palette. The key to the perfect gray bedroom is a good light.

Add some details to your floor by covering it with a gray carpet. Who says having a grey bedroom means that you have to paint the wall all in gray? You can give your room an amazinh view by painting the wall like you can see in the picture. You can enhance the beuty of your room by using some rustic furniture and keep them unpolished.

Don’t forget to enhance the beauty of your rustic floor by covering it with a patterned gray carpet. This gray bedroom idea is not only classy, but also simple at the same time.

Make sure your room gets a good light, so it will not look boring for you and will look more lively. Bring the luxury to your bedroom by mixing the gray with silver color. Feel free to share your answer with us in the comment section.

Grey Bedroom Ideas
Grey Bedroom Ideas
Dark grey bedroom ideas
Dark grey bedroom ideas
grey bedroom ideas
grey bedroom ideas

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