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There are several reasons why you shouldn’t mount a TV over a fireplace including: Certain types of fireplaces, electric and gas, may emit lower BTUs and can be used with the right considerations. Excessive heat creates a problem for any electronics placed above a fireplace. This is why the TVs you usually see over a fireplace are either blocked by a mantel or recessed into a wall. These orientations will prevent the heat from being put out from the fireplace to damage your electronics. Additionally, if you have mounted your TV above a fireplace in the wrong placement, you could see some damage.

Even on a hot summer day, your home could reach this temperature if you don’t have AC. One thing a lot of people don’t consider when mounting a TV is the viewing angle.

Typically, you want to have the center of your screen around eye height when you are sitting down.

Of course, as you could imagine, this is an issue if you are attempting to mount a TV over a fireplace. Consider the fireplace’s height and the fact you need to have the TV mounted higher for heat; you probably will run into viewing angle issues. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can affect your overall viewing experience over the long run.

For example, if you have ever sat in the front seats at a movie theatre, you may have come home with a sore neck. Often this results in minor neck pains from prolonged viewing time.

Your TV manufacturer will define these, so check your user’s manual.

4K TVs have higher pixel density, meaning you should view them from shorter distances than 1080p. On the other hand, if your TV is too high and you are viewing from a shorter distance, you will have to tilt your head even more to see the screen. If you can correct the increased viewing angle with the mount, you can improve image quality.

Depending on the type of fireplace you are attempting to install above, you may have some issues mounting. You may run into materials like brick, cement, and other solid masonry above a fireplace.

Always check to see what kind of material is above your fireplace before you start drilling. While wiring is an issue, finding a place to hold all of the equipment necessary can also be problematic.

You’ll need to find space for all the cords, the cable box, a Blu-ray player, or an RV receiver/soundbar. While it is true that some modern home builders will provide a couple of outlets for your electronics, most will not.

You may have a cable box, streaming unit, DVD and Blu-Ray players, the TV itself, as well as other miscellaneous sound equipment, just to name a few. With just two outlets, you will fall short of what is needed for your entertainment setup. If you find yourself in a position where over the fireplace is your only option, some tips can make things better. Additionally, a gas fireplace also puts out a good bit of heat. To make sure you are not at risk of burning your TV, your best bet is to use an electric fireplace. Before you decide to place your TV over your fireplace, it is a good idea to check the area’s temperature.

Use an infrared non-contact thermometer (on Amazon) to check the proposed area for a temp while your fireplace is off. Consult your TV’s manual to see recommended operating temps and compare.

If things are not working, it is not recommended that you place your TV over your fireplace.

Vizio TV Mounted Above a Mantel
Vizio TV Mounted Above a Mantel
Vizio TV Mounted Above a Mantel
Vizio TV Mounted Above a Mantel

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