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As the anchor of your living room, your coffee table has endless style possibilities. You’ll learn how to decorate your tabletop like a pro and wow your guests with a chic, unified look. And make sure you find the perfect complementing rug to go with your coffee table! In-Store Exclusives: Large Woodwick candle, $19.00 | Decorative vases, $4.99 and up | Coffee table trays, $9.99 and up | Succulent décor, $5.99 and up

Choose coffee table decorations with varying heights to create visual interest. For example, in the middle of our coffee table, we set short and medium-height succulents accompanied by a taller candle.

This creates a layered and balanced look versus keeping everything flat at the same height. Candles are great coffee table styling accents because they stimulate sight, sound and smell.

You can display your botanical successes, or give the impression that you have a green thumb with our realistic succulent décor. Stacking books and magazines adds dimension and creates a great conversation-starter for guests with who share similar tastes in reading material. Having an empty tray (or two) on coffee table ensures a convenient, movable surface where you can set drinks, food or entertaining accents. When coffee table styling, blend shapes to add interest.

We paired rectangle table trays and circular vases with organic-shaped succulents to create harmony. Just make sure that you have a good balance of straight and rounded edges.

You can display a wedding photo book, include homegrown flower clippings or show off personal art.

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