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Although it may no longer be necessary, many people want to include this time-honored feature when generating contemporary fireplace mantel design ideas. Fortunately, because the function of the mantel is no longer required, you have the design freedom to create an innovative look.

Combining materials and palettes will give any home a unique aesthetic, and if rustic luxury is the look you’re going for, a mantel could be a key component of the design. Depending on the shape, you can evoke a heavy, bold effect or a sleek, streamlined theme.

For a more rustic look, leave the wood rough-hewn or include a live edge facing the room. When combined with other materials such as marble, tasteful wallpaper, or slate, the contrast of the wood makes a sophisticated statement.

You can also incorporate one larger horizontal piece of stone to create a uniform mantel that blends into the backdrop. Create a sculptural mantel from a range of materials, including driftwood, metal, stone, plaster, and more. Whether your clients’ tastes lean toward the sharp edges of modern art or the organic curves of natural materials, you can create a look that is totally unique.

Extending a mantel to wrap around one or two corners creates an eye-catching effect, especially if it is coordinated with the other design elements in the room.

Although it’s possible to create a floating shelf look with a modern mantel, some clients prefer an updated traditional look that ties the whole fireplace together. Using modern materials such as slate or weathering steel can help make a more traditional style feel fresh and contemporary.

Don’t use a frame at all and place a cantilevered shelf asymmetrically over the fireplace, possibly extending to a wall on one side.

Download the Buyer's Guide: Selecting a Luxury Fireplace For Your Next Project.  >>
Download the Buyer's Guide: Selecting a Luxury Fireplace For Your Next Project. >>

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