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When it comes to storage, you’ll also want a TV solution that will neatly tuck away receivers, cable boxes, amplifiers and cords. Whether your space is small or large, a flat screen TV stand is a stylish and functional way to keep those cords out of site. To measure for a corner stand, first make sure you have an inch or two on either side of the TV to prevent it from rubbing against the wall.

If you choose simple, store-bought shelves you will likely need to sacrifice the pleasure of putting cords and cable boxes out of site entirely. If you look for floating shelves designed to either support or work alongside a TV, however, you’ll find plenty of sleek, creative options with drawers and hidden panels. You can also use the shelves to showcase your favourite books, movies, picture frames, wholesale home decor, or other items you’d like to have on display.

Some feature wide bases, tempered glass accent shelves and closed cabinets for media and storage. If you like modern styles, you’ll find plenty of options with high gloss and laminate finishes—a clean-looking statement for your bedroom. As you consider the square footage you have available in your bedroom and the look you’d like to achieve with your TV stand, it is worth looking widely for options that feel right.

Whether you choose a stand-up corner unit, floating shelves or a picture frame cabinet, be sure to check weight restrictions—in other words, make sure your new stand can safely support your new TV.

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