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Grey- a mid-ground color that seems to work best when it is accompanied by bolder hues yet can be quite the show stopper when it’s left to become the star of the room. Whether you’re looking to add a dynamic touch to your décor or want to bring a monochromatic twist, hues of grey can help you achieve just that.

These beautiful grey bathrooms will help you bring a timeless, classic, touch regardless of your decorating style.

If you have a smaller bathroom, adding a mirror or two is one of the best ways of bringing light and an airy feel to the room.

Pair your mirrors with a patterned almost eclectic wallpaper for an expansive feel that does not take away from the décor you might already have. Furthermore, combining multiple hues of blue with one or two shades of grey brings a little bit of classic modern that can be felt throughout.

Having grey as your accent color is perfect when you want to add a bold charm with a little bit of contrast to create an inviting fresh space. If you have been considering a monochromatic bathroom with bits of gray yet can’t fully commit, adding a pop of color is a great intermediate step.

We personally recommend using pops of red for that stark touch that makes sense in the room. With that being said, adding a grey marble is one of the best ways to bring a classic touch to a bathroom that simply needs a little something extra to come back to life.

Consider a subway tile wall in a medium shade of gray to make the room feel grand yet beautiful all at once.

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