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For more days of my life than I can count, I have pulled into this driveway and parked in this carport and opened and shut the car door and looked at this. We painted the brick steps on the front of the house. We had tons of paint leftover and one day I looked at that concrete and it looked back at me and I went all Thomas Edison and had a lightbulb moment. There’s an outdoor storage closet and then there’s the door to the laundry room.

I’m about to show you the after, but before you do, I think it’s important to note that this porch was transformed with 2 gallons of paint and FrogTape. I see it every day I had given up hope that it would ever be cute It cost less than taking our family out to dinner It made such a difference to an area of the home that everyone forgets about.

Patch any holes and make sure the surface is COMPLETLY clean of any debris. You don’t want a piece of dirt to get caught on your paintbrush.

The thing I love about this paint—just like when we painted the brick we didn’t use a primer.

We taped off next to the house and driveway with FrogTape and then painted Cityscape SW 7067 as the base coat.

It was super rainy and humid, so we let the paint cure for about a week before we taped off the diamond pattern. Porch dimensions: 4′ wide and 24′ feet long

Border edge: 2″ from the side of the concrete and 2″ wide We taped off the stripe and then painted it Grizzle Gray SW 7068. My husband (the mathematician behind this project) suggested taping off the border first and then dividing the remaining area by the number of diamonds that you want to paint.

It’s important to note—when we were figuring this out—we did NOT take the step into account.

Make sure your tape is scored and all of the edges are firmly attached to the concrete. Here are the diamonds painted with Grizzle Gray SW 7068.

There’s something so satisfying in pulling up the tape and seeing that beautiful clean line without any paint bleed. This helps make sure your lines are extra clean and sharp.

Do you have a space in your home that you look at every day that needs a little refresh?

All you need is a couple of cans of paint and FrogTape.

disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with FrogTape.

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