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Black and gold look beautifully together and hence, the golden decorations are both conventional with the edgy look of the tree. With edgy black Christmas tree, beautify it with various silver balls, stars, and shimmering strands of artificial decor.

There are simply so many ideas by which you can create or decorate your own version of Christmas tree.

This pretty, chic and black Christmas tree is made of bottle brush cleaner and can be easily decorated with tiny specs of gold, silver and other jewels and lights for a modern look. They look extremely gorgeous and striking with variety shades slowly fading into silver or white. You can also choose not to decorate or simply wrap strings of pretty, twinkling fairy lights that would add a gleaming touch to the whole look.

It looks enticing and absolutely chic when adorned with pretty black and glittery materials. Paste the canvas cloth on a wooden board and draw the Christmas tree outline with a white paint and decorate as you wish.

Who said Christmas trees requires being completely the stereotypical leaves and artificial decor? Origami black Christmas tree is the prettiest to decorate the whole room or house with beautiful paper art. The pretty holiday centrepieces can also be used to decorate the tables and send as gifts to the near and dead ones. All you have to do is buy various monochrome origami paper and fold them according to get the Christmas tree shape.

It is fast becoming a trend to decorate the Christmas Tree with skulls, candies, pumpkins and witch’s hats for the funky look. Red is a colour we always associate with Christmas tree and when you add black to the mix, it turns out extremely opulent and dazzling.

Pick up every ornaments—from stars to bells—in a vibrant red colour and adorn the black tree for the spunky look.

Black may be the very unconventional choice for a Christmas look but when the fairy lights are added to the equation, it gives a magical and truly festive look to the decor.

The black gives an eccentric look while pink adds all the glamour, pomp and show to spice up the look. It gives a perfect feminine touch and you can also add pinkish glittery ornaments as well.

On top of the tree put a silver star while wrap glittery bluish frills all around the length. The beautiful transition from black to deep bronze and to gold is something very eye-catching and glamorous as a seasonal decoration.

To add some more glamour to it, use white and silver baubles to give it a chic Scandinavian look that look ornamental and electrifying.

This season, instead or ornaments, add small photos or Polaroid to it an edgy look to the decorations. The combination of black, gold and silver screams fascination and festival in every sense. To further add a spellbinding look to your interior decoration this holiday season, adorn your black Christmas tree with various shades of purple stuffs to give it a magical look.

It can be alone used as a decorative ornament and still it will make your black Christmas tree sparkle like glittering starts under the moonlight. Choose some glittery or monochrome wide black ribbons and ensnare it around the whole tree—from top to bottom whirling down—and your decoration is ready.

This is a unique way to decorate your black Christmas tree with red and silver accessories. To add that special touch, hang small silver masquerade masks on the branches.

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