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Use these helpful tips to learn how to choose and use color to add interest to any room. Follow the rule of three: When you pick a color, use it at least three times in a room.

Here, yellow appears in the pillows, on the blanket on the bed, and as an accent color on the nightstand, as well as on the walls. Think of hallways as palate cleansers — the sorbet that’s served before diving into the next course. Keeping them neutral allows you to branch into any color in rooms that flow off them. As a building block for a color palette, look closely at art and fabric.

Break up a room of matchy-matchy wood furniture with one painted piece. When you put a warm white next to a color, it will still look bright and crisp.

Fresh flowers are a perfect way to add color to any room without a long-term commitment. But using color in accessories–art, pillows, rugs–makes an amazing impression without going crazy on the walls.

It also brings balance to the setting by adding blues and complementary greens. Add a colored or patterned shade to a lamp to liven up a room.

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