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When Laila and her husband were building this new home I loved that even tho they had the space, they decided to have their beds be in the same room. They already had these cute iron beds, a great ceiling fan and such a fun shaped room.

Also, the window isn’t centered, so we needed to adjust the furniture to make it feel more balanced. Where did you get it all?” Leo, the oldest liked the mix of thrifted items and Simeon’s favorite part was the shelf that Kevin built.

I did show the boys my design idea before I ordered everything, I was hoping they would love this rug as much as I did. The colors are so fun and also play off of the vintage sports pennant flags and thrifted items.

We originally wanted to do shiplap on all of the ceiling….which is a lot of work, time and money. So I had the idea to frame out the window and add one long shelf on the focal point wall.

We painted the walls in Gray 2121-10 in a flat finish (had the color matched at The Home Depot).

The window wasn’t framed out before, and it didn’t have a stopping point between the ceiling.

Once hung, we caulked the holes and any gaps, then lightly sanded it before painting. Hung one of my go-to bamboo shades, which helped finished it off and added the right amount of texture.

Instead of trying to squeeze in two lamps on the nightstand, we hung an outdoor wall sconce above each bed by doing the magic light trick. PS- those numbers under the sconce were from Laila’s childhood home, another treasure from the boys grandparents. Simeon looking pretty dang happy with his cozy bed and light!

For the boys bedding I wanted to keep it simple, but it also needed to be fluffy and cozy! Find similar here, great place to look for affordable, stylish bedding! She had these metal and wood shelves (find similar here) I styled it with some of their books, home run balls, baskets and more!

We found that fun green desk at a second hand shop (and all the pieces we hung over it).

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