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A detailed drawing and materials list shows the type and dimensions of lumber and hardware needed for construction, while photographs illustrate the process of building the shed, from preparing the base on concrete and/or gravel, to cutting the parts, to assembling the floor, walls, and roof. I imagined a simple rack made of 2x4s and a few sheets of metal roofing—but when I found out the shed would need to hold five cords of wood, I had to adjust my plans.

When planning your own shed, choose a height and floor layout that works for you, but don’t forget to consider adding a decent roof overhang on the front for extra protection from the elements.

This shed measures 5 ft. deep, 8 ft. wide, and 8 ft. tall, so I was able to use standard-size framing lumber with minimal waste, but you can build whatever size fits the number of cords you want to store and the space you have in your yard… Sheltered Woodshed – A removable panel makes loading firewood easy but protects the wood from rain and snow.

how to build a simple modern woodshed
how to build a simple modern woodshed

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