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Most of us have those stark white, builder grade, closet doors in our homes, including me. With my kitchen being so open to the rest of the house, these doors were, were just screaming to have something special done to them.

I considered painting them a rich, dark color but I felt that would have stood out like a sore thumb.

If they aren’t the same, just adjust the plans to fit your door.

This is to insure you don’t see any white peaking through the wood you install on top. Lay all your pieces (except the X) out on your doors to be sure they fit well and are cut properly.

If you want to make the top part a chalk board, then paint the top with chalk board paint and stain the bottom half. Your line between the chalk and stain does not need to be perfect as there will be a piece of wood covering it. These are not needed as the liquid nails is pretty strong but it does secure it more and gives it an authentic barn door look.

Total cost for this project was less than $80 so I’d say this was a huge money saver for us and I couldn’t be more happy with the results.

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