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Today I am sharing a couple of changes I made in two rooms of our home with some cute DIY curtain rods. So, in many rooms of my home, I only hang curtains for styling and dressing up the window.

In my living room many years ago I got rid of the long rod that was the full length of my window. I never closed the curtains in there and I personally did not like having a whole rod across the top when it wasn’t used. So I took it down and installed these smaller rods on each side and I loved how it opened up the top. We screwed the board right into a stud and I couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Of course, I didn’t stop at just the living room but also made some DIY rods in my office. Years ago at this blog post, I wrote about making Drop Cloth Curtains in my office.

These patio doors are 12 feet long and since I finally purchased a new shade for them I did not need curtains that covered the whole thing.

I love that industrial farmhouse vibe they give off and changing the curtains to sheers I had laying around, was right up my alley.

Wow, I love how they opened the space up and made it so bright and airy. For these pipe rods, I just purchased the fittings from the local hardware store.

When you get them home be aware some of the pieces will feel greasy and black oil may rub off everywhere. I used and love these anchors which are self screwing and so easy to mount the flange into drywall. (yes I did remove the ladder I had hanging from the ceiling and I see I forgot to take the hooks out, oops!

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