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(Don’t worry, you didn’t miss the post…the party is scheduled for this month.) You’ll recall the purpose of his room makeover a few years ago was to welcome him in to tween-dom, so I’m a little confused as to why it no longer makes the ‘cool kid’ cut. (Teenagers = Sleepers, apparently) The DIY Drop Cloth Drapes still looked great, but didn’t offer a lot of darkness, and his old curtain rod was barely anchored to the wall after a few rowdy sleepovers.

I thought an industrial aesthetic would be perfect for his room, and the internet had no shortage for these pipe curtain rod tutorials.

Our window is 70-inches wide, so we bought a 10-foot long pipe…and the wizards in the orange aprons cut it down to 90-inches, and re-threaded it for us. Since it’s true galvanized piping, I cleaned everything with a wet rag first to limit the black smudges on our hands and curtains while working with it.

You need to screw the pipe into both ends, and hang the rod fully-assembled, so it’s definitely a two-person job. I recruited Mr. Sugarplum who busted out his signature lunge to get the anchors and brackets in place.

So I went back to my original penny-saver idea, and bought another pair of 6×9 drop cloths for $10, and

The extra layer made the drapes look fuller and more substantial (see the before here), and his room is quite a bit darker now when they’re closed.

And my girl, Courtney, just glammed up a set for her gorgeous new living room drapes!
Hi Sugarplum | DIY Galvanized Pipe Curtain Rod
Hi Sugarplum | DIY Galvanized Pipe Curtain Rod

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