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Currently considered a bit of an exotic affair, the green roof might soon become the norm as homeowners look for ways to cut down on power bills and carbon footprint. Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Serra de Collserola, Spain, Casa LLP by Alventosa Morell Arquitectes charms with a cantilevered structure and a green roof that lets it disappear into the surrounding scenery. It is pretty much the ideal weekend retreat for the eco-conscious adventurer, and designed by Ian MacDonald Architect, its interior is as elegant as the idea behind its creation.

Nestled on lovely Avalon Beach and promising wonderful ocean views, this modular unit was crafted by ArchiBlox and provides a delightful living space of 106 square meters. This modern home designed by iHouse combines a distinct industrial-style living area with a terrace garden that also holds a Jacuzzi, a glass pergola and an outdoor lounge. The terrace garden is visually connected with the master bedroom and allows the homeowners to escape the rigors of a long and hard day at work each evening.

Eco-Sustainable House project by Djuric Tardio Architectes is one such work of genius that turns to a terrace garden, play area and hangout to combine the multiple needs of the homeowners. This might not be a full-fledged residence, but this Japanese-style pool house and spa on the banks of Whitefish Lake in Montana rivals any lakeside home both in style and eco-sensibility.

Designed by David Koel of CTA Architects Engineers, the dwelling includes a unique stone garden, relaxing outdoor hangout, refreshing indoor pool, an art gallery-style entry and a whole lot more here. A touch different from every other home on our list, House Pibo in Maldegem is a partially underground structure with water-resistant walls and a garden that also morphs into its roof!

The sloped roof of the semi-buried home is covered in greenery, and over time the homeowner can easily turn this into a garden filled with beautiful, flowering plants. Combing modern aesthetics and a simple green roof in a fascinating fashion, the Riverside Weston Residence in Connecticut is all about a series of ‘roofscapes and terraced planes’.

Add to this the unabated lake views on offer, contemporary interior with minimal décor and glass walls that bring the outdoors inside, and you have a home that connects you with nature at all times.

Modern sustainable modular home designed to cause minimal eco-impact
Modern sustainable modular home designed to cause minimal eco-impact

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