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3413 Marion Drive
Tampa, FL 33637

Grace's spring break is coming up here pretty soon, and we will be heading down to our cabin to take some family time and wrap up a few projects. I wanted farmhouse style window trim, but since we were remote, I couldn't just run to the store and buy special mouldings. So I had to get creative and design window trim from scrap 1x boards. The first thing we did was make a box that basically trims the inside of the window. The sill is cut 7" wider than the opening, and then notched out to run past the window. Our Kreg Multi-Mark tool has a 3/16" guide on it to space the trim off the window box (this is called the reveal).

You do this because it is very difficult to get wood lined up perfectly (and stay that way over time). If you were buiding in the window itself, you would nail to the walls where studs are located as well (as we eventually do).

It was a little tricky nailing the header to the window box but this joint gets reinforced when you attach to the wall.

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