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3413 Marion Drive
Tampa, FL 33637

“Winner of the 2008 Long Chapter of the American Institute of Architects Commendation for Outstanding Acheivement in Residential Design, and located on a flat, one acre flag lot with neighbors close to the front and side yards, this 4,000 square foot house is configured of three primary volumes arranged in an ‘C’ that frame the expansive, southern view of an adjacent, agricultural reserve. The entry foyer, at the terminus of the outdoor pool, separates public space to the left and the private, two story bedroom wing to the right.

Large expanses of south facing glass help to dissolve interior/exterior relationships while a more selective glazing strategy locates individual windows in the predominately solid north, east and west walls that create privacy while modulating temperature.

Stunning CargoHome with Rooftop Deck

Luxury Home Interiors Set In Black And White Decor