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A porch should be a place that conveys comfort and coziness while still remaining stylish and inviting. I guess there isn’t anything special about it, but it includes lots of natural and rustic elements that we love and it’s very affordable. While we chose a classic darker stain on our current modern farmhouse decking, there are many lighter options that can create a totally different look. We normally prefer pine due to the wood look, less expensive price, and it’s normally in stock at most local lumberyards. This type of flooring is extremely durable and resistant to weather, mold, stains, and water. Most companies offer great warranties and have plenty of color and style options.

They tend to be more expensive due to material and time-intensive labor, but they are offered in many styles and colors and can be laid in several different patterns. Stained or stamped concrete offers a high-end look with lots of decorative appeal. Stained and stamped concrete can give you the look of natural stone, brick, or tile without spending as much money. Since the entry porches will be focal points as people come and go, we thought the stone would help make these areas look extra special!

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