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Floating shelves are designed to look as though they were made for the space they inhabit and the best part about them is there are a million and one different options for creating the look you love. Home organization and decor pieces that are multi-functional are so important to many of us in today’s world.

They allow you to save a ton of space in your room so that it doesn’t look like a cluttered mess anymore.

You can easily get away with some plain colored shelving and add some fun accents to create height and dimension.

You will see many decor lovers pairing matching end tables to keep a harmonious look in their bedroom. Add some randomness with your floating shelves and try adding matching accessories so the bedroom can still come together.

Is there any better feeling than having the proud satisfaction of completing an awesome DIY project? Channel your inner HGTV star self and go grab some wood, your favorite fabric, hardware, and some modge podge and you are ready to create beautiful one-of-a-kind shelving. The perfect headboard can be expensive and you’ll have the freedom to decorate and create a stunning focal point with a full length floating shelf above your bed. This allows you to keep that lovely headboard along with displaying other accessory pieces using your floating shelf.

If your bedroom ceilings are extra high, try adding multiple full-length shelves above the bed. Fill your shelving with art, books, plants and even your favorite collectibles.

These are SOOO trendy and the best part about floating corner shelves is they don’t take up much extra space! Instead of all the toys lying along the ground or stuffed in a closet, place a few of them neatly along a floating shelf.

If you have a bed almost pushed up against the wall, these can serve as functional storage while still being stylish. If creating a bold statement is something you love, then architectural accent shelving is right up your alley.

These are bold pieces with chippy details and tons of texture that will take your space from bland to glam. The wonderful thing about architectural accent shelves is that they are statement-makers AND functional! .

Add them to any space or even in a cozy reading corner of your room filled with books. We love this white corbel wall shelf as an accent to create the perfect french country look. Gallery walls are always a good idea and they are a great way to mix function with fun accents that you want to display. Mix in some family photos, art, signage, and fill your shelves with practical pieces.

If your home doesn’t already have one or if your fireplace is missing one, a floating shelf is a perfect option for a quick upgrade. For example; if your fireplace extends to the ceiling, simply put a floating shelf in the middle to add a break to the design.

Place your TV above it with some potted plants below and just like that, you have a fun functional living room! It’s usually a huge empty space on the wall and it can be daunting to try to come up with decor that will look good.

You could also add some fun bookends, little vases with fresh flowers or even some succulents.

Adding floating shelves above your sink is such a function friendly idea because this allows everything you need to be within reach. Especially if you are in the middle of building a bigger kitchen or updating your original space. We choose both every time, but whether you are a coffee or wine person, adding a fun little nook for your bar is such an easy way to utilize floating shelves.

You’ll have a fully functional little spot in your kitchen to make your morning coffee or get ready to relax after a long day. The best thing about floating shelves is they serve so many purposes and are a budget-friendly upgrade to your home.

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