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Green Gables Heritage Place is a 19th century farm and literary landmark in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Green Gables is recognized as a Federal Historic Building by the government of Canada and is situated on the L.M. The building was initially erected during the 1830s, by the MacNeil family, relatives of Montgomery, who was born nearby the homestead. The government initially operated the home as a historic house that depicted 19th century farming life on Prince Edward Island. However, by the 1970s plans were undertaken to refurbish the building to resemble Green Gables as depicted in Montgomery's novels. Since 1985, Green Gables and the larger National Historic Site operate as a museum of Lucy Maud Montgomery and her novels.

[1] Interest in the home grew after the publication of Anne of Green Gables and the release of a movie based on the novels in 1934. [1] With Green Gables vacant during the 1930s, the government of Canada purchased the property in 1936 as a part of a larger effort to develop Prince Edward Island National Park.

[1] After Montgomery's death in 1942, her body was transported from Ontario to Prince Edward Island, with a funeral ceremony held at Green Gables. [2] During the 1970s, the building was refurnished and remodelled to resemble the Green Gables depicted in Montgomery's novels.

[2] In the same decade, the building was expanded again; before it underwent significant restorations in 1985, after Parks Canada decided to switch the furnishing in the home to reflect how Green Gables was depicted in Montgomery's novels. On 10 July 1985, Green Gables was officially designated as a Federal Heritage Building as an example of 19th century architecture in the province, and for the home's importance to the literary community.

[8] On 1 December 2020, Green Gables was awarded the Japanese Foreign Minister's commendation for their contributions to promotion of mutual understanding between Canada and Japan. The National Historic Site is largely divided into two areas, Montgomery's home and Green Gables. [8] Designed by Root Architecture, the centre includes exhibition spaces, gift shop, and offices.

Green Gables is a 1+1⁄2-storey L-shaped home clad in white-painted shingles throughout; with the only other colour present on the building being the green-gabled rooftop and its window shutters.

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