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As the name suggests, the farmhouse sink style had its start as an outdoor sink for rural and colonial style homes, where the large size and great depth was especially useful for washing large pots and pans, doing one’s laundry, and even bathing small children. Modern farmhouse-type sinks are sold in a variety of materials, from sought-after porcelain whites to sophisticated marbles as well as more industrial metals like brass and steel. Regardless of the material choice, the prodigious size of these sinks guarantee that they will stand out in any kitchen, hence their popularity. But as much as we would like to give you a direct number that you can follow, the best answer is that how much overhang you want depends on personal preference. jerry speaking there are three types of countertop reveals that you can choose from, and we have handily listed all of them below to detail their individual benefits and drawbacks. A positive reveal is one in which the countertop surface is cut in such a way that still exposes part of the lip of your farmhouse sink.

The positive reveal creates a step down effect that has its own distinct look and can be quite useful if you need to hang something—say, a large cutting board—across the length of the sink. Where the positive review opens up to show a bit of the sinks outer rim, the negative reveal extends out over the entire outer edge of the sink and even covers part of the inside basin—in other words, a countertop overhang. However, the overhanging does create an underside space on your countertop material that can gather food scraps, dirt, and other debris. With proper execution, the zero reveal will produce a seamless edge that cleanly transitions from the countertop to the sink.

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