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The paint colors that you choose for the walls of your home have a lot of power to affect your mood and the overall feel of your space. This is especially true in the bathroom, where choosing the right colors can make the difference between it being just another room and it being a Zen-like oasis.

In either case, be sure to bring a paint swatch home before committing to a particular shade and to hold it up to the wall to see how it’ll look in your specific space. Size matters when choosing bathroom paint colors, and a bright or bold shade might look great in a powder room but garish in a master.

Likewise, a bathroom that seems a little too roomy can become more cozy by painting the ceiling a darker shade than the walls. This perfect neutral can elevate and modernize any space, and as a bonus, it matches with most other colors so it’s easy to pair with your bathroom’s existing features.

Another winner on the gray scale is greige, which pairs well with both light and dark flooring and brings in a touch of cream for a warmer, cozier space. If you’re scared of overdoing it, pick a lighter shade of this farmhouse-y hue for a pretty, muted take on the trend. If you’ve got the light though, go for it—and while you’re at it, swap in some brass cabinet pulls to dramatically change the entire room’s aesthetic.

This classic color offers instant coziness, and is equal part graceful and bold. While this shade has been a popular pick for decades, you can easily take it into the 2020s by choosing a hue with a little bit of gray to mellow it out. Opt for a bright hue to counteract the darkening effects of artificial light, and bring in some texture with wood or brass accent for a truly timeless look.

Just be sure to keep the wall and/or ceiling trim the same color so it doesn’t look like you tried to match your whites and missed the mark.

grey bathroom
grey bathroom

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