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It can be something temporary for the weekend, or you can show your Canadian spirit year round with some of these great ideas! The bright red tiling makes a super bold statement, but being so well balanced with the remaining white bathroom, we couldn’t imagine this space without it! This is an option for those with commitment issues (especially when it comes to colour) because when you’re sick of it you can throw it in the kids room, donate it to charity or even more Canadian — have a garage sale. Against the blue sky and green surroundings, this looks like the perfect statement for those wanting a WOW curb appeal.

Whether you’re using it seasonally in the city or full time at the cabin, red and white linens paired with natural woods give off a 100% Canadiana vibe. Find the brightest, boldest red (paired with white trim) to show your patriotism to the neighbours.

Red is also a symbol of strength and power along with passion, desire, and love–not a bad first impression to make! We hope you enjoyed this fun article and would love to hear about how you celebrate Canada Day on our Instagram or Facebook!

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