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Stainless steel was born, and quickly popularized because it resists corrosion, doesn’t stain, and is high strength. If you’re looking to add a splash of sleekness to your kitchen design, it’s a gorgeous and easy way to take you there. You never have to worry about rust, damage, or even grout when you choose to have a stainless steel kitchen island (or even countertop.)

While stainless steel is modern and slick, in some cases you just don’t want to have too heavy of a hand when designing with it. Keep it simple - if you opt for an overwhelming amount, your kitchen might end up looking cold. Wood and stainless steel mix well together, blending both natural and manmade elements together for a nice balance.

Ceramic and granite accents also work well to soften the starkness of the designer metal. Create a natural-looking backsplash in your kitchen to offset your new stainless steel design.

Softer hues that complement the metal look great, like grays and soft whites. You want to play with your stainless steel and compliment it, so it blends into the kitchen while evoking that new and modern edge.

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