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"Ultra Violet is a color that's almost like a neutral in fashion now," says New York-based interior designer Brett Beldock. McClendon says violet can bring a touch of luxury to bedrooms, especially when used sparingly in rich upholstery fabrics. I'm not a fan of just plain solid purple twill cotton because it ends up feeling flat and looking not high-quality." Along with fabrics, Fenimore likes using violet for accessories in the bedroom "for a rich and sophisticated feel. Amethyst accents like lamps, picture frames or small accessories stacked on books work well," she says. Choose color combinations that make Ultra Violet feel like a part of the room, instead of taking over, she says.

That palette, with a touch of Ultra Violet, would be beautiful in a modern wallpaper used in a small space such as a powder room. And a mix of violet, chocolate brown and white, she says, would have a smartly retro 1970s feel that could look very fresh today. So even though it's popular right now, "don't commit to painting a room or a large piece of furniture unless it works for your true style."

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