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Whether you want more living space or an extra storage spot, added room is always welcome. Many homeowners run into the problem of wanting to add more space but don’t have the time or budget for an addition.

Between railings and walls, blocking the open face of your loft ensures the safety of everyone using the room.

This can make your loft feel smaller and take away any illusion of extra space that you created. It leaves your loft feeling open and allows the constant flow of air and light throughout your home. With different materials and decorative elements, you can create a one of a kind space that fits into your home’s existing décor.

If you want to completely redesign your space, new windows can transform a small cramped loft into a large spacious area. These windows project out from the house giving your loft small nooks and a few extra square feet.

When homeowners see that a traditional stair won’t fit into their small loft design, they sometimes go to the opposite end of the spectrum with a ladder that has a virtually nonexistent footprint.

The thin rungs in place of full steps can make it dangerous for anyone who may lose their footing. The footprint of a spiral stair is kept to a small circle in your home’s floor plan. There are three major materials used to create a beautiful and unique indoor staircase: All Wood, Classic Steel, and Forged Iron.

A Classic Steel spiral stair can also be powder coated to be finished with a custom color. A Forged Iron spiral stair fits well into a Traditional or Victorian style home.

Turning a loft into a bedroom is particularly popular for tiny houses because of the extremely limited amount of space.

By lofting your bedroom, you are able to keep the maximum amount of the home open for general living space. With this modification, you can lift your mattress to leave a completely open space in the middle of the frame. This innovative design is the perfect way to create storage in a bedroom loft that has limited space.

By turning a loft into a living room, you can give them their area without taking over the family’s space. Having a central focus helps the space to feel bigger because there is one communal gathering point.

A common piece of double duty furniture used is an ottoman than can break down into six separate stools. If you don’t want to take a full room for your library, a loft is a great option.

Built in pieces give your loft an expensive look, but can quickly put you over any budget you may have. An easy DIY project of adding crown molding to the top of you bookshelves can create faux built ins.

Common choices for your home library are dark leather pieces that play on the rich tones of the wooden bookcases. Depending upon the type and amount of light in your loft, it will affect your productivity level. Large windows can help the space feel bigger and make it a more effective workspace. Lofts are often associated with trendy urban spaces, but they’ve recently become a fixture in tiny homes. Even the smallest lofts create square footage in a home with limited space.

Small Loft Ideas Stairs
Small Loft Ideas Stairs
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small loft library

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