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Wall decor can be easy to neglect, as it's not exactly a necessity for survival in your home like tables and chairs can be. Lacking wall decor can be a reason that your home feels incomplete in its design.

Art can pull in your color palette and textures to get the mood and feel in your room exactly right.

Bring out bright colors, or add neutrality to an already-bold room.

A shadow box or a wooden sculpture are great ideas to switch up the look amongst paintings. If you're an adventurous type, decorate your room with pictures from places you've visited or the activities you've done.

For example, a bathroom will likely collect a lot of moisture, so you don't want to have your most beautiful pieces in there for the chance they could get messed up. Choose pieces that are calming in this room, for when you taking a relaxing bath or shower after working hard.

You entertain guests, host family movie nights, and generally lounge about in your living room.

Mirrors are both functional and decorative, making them a multi-use item and helping you get the most bang for your buck.

The great thing about mirrors is that they come in all shapes and sizes, and colored frames, so you really can get the best for your space, rather than having to compromise. However, the right mirror can make a room feel much bigger than it is, which is a huge perk.

Mirrors can also be used to reflect light in a room, shining the sun on your paintings and other wall decor, making the room feel brighter, which is very important in spaces that may not get a lot of natural light. With wallpaper, you can simply select the pattern, photo, or design you want to go with and just apply to your wall.

Knowing how to pick wallpaper for a living room will help you wow your guests.

collection of 15 smaller framed bird decals
collection of 15 smaller framed bird decals
Living Room Wall
Living Room Wall

SW White Duck Exterior with Tricorn Black Trim

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