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If you are feeling bored with your home, then I highly suggest moving furniture around. These two bookshelves were in our office / sunroom before but I’m really loving the new look they now give to our dining room.

I found a new place for the antique bakers rack and the white bench that were on this wall before. What I had on this wall before really broke up the space and looked a bit random, but these shelves really add a more cohesive, calming feeling that I’m really happy about.

The bookshelves really fit perfectly on this wall and I’m kinda surprised I hadn’t thought to move them here before now. In between the two bookshelves I have this tall wicker piece with a faux lemon tree placed inside.

The Wicker piece was my grannies and so it makes me think of her, and the lemon tree is from Balsam Hill a few years ago. A vintage ship print, a large glass bottle, and a piece of driftwood sit on the middle shelf. And on the bottom shelf is a wire basket full of table clothes and a glass drink canister.

Many of these items were found at flea markets, thrift stores and/or yard sales.

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