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I am asked all the time about the Jenny Lind twin bed we went with in our boys’ room. This past year we found out we were expecting our 4th baby, and needed to move our two boys into a shared bedroom.

Sometimes hearing if someone else really likes an item, or regrets buying it helps me make my final decision.

This is not sponsored, and we purchased both of the beds on our own, so please know this is fully honest and unbiased – I would definitely tell you with some disdain if I didn’t like them haha!

Because I wasn’t sure how long this shared room situation would last didn’t want to spend a fortune. I also loved that these beds not long looked adorable in a shared space, but also would be perfect in a room alone.

The other reason I went with this twin spool bed is the fact that they have a great sturdy look, yet don’t make the room feel heavy. One thing I would recommend if you are dealing with a lot of furniture in a smaller space would be to go with something that isn’t too “heavy” feeling. It keeps the room feeling open and airy, but in this case still didn’t make it too feminine.

But the metal twin bed we had for Jack was from Crate and Barrel, as I mentioned above, and we didn’t have great luck.

Add that to the fact that I really didn’t love them much more than the DaVinci twin bed version for nearly double the price. I really wanted to give them a good try and see how they were holding up before writing this review, and knowing if I would truly recommend them.

BUT be sure to notice that I mentioned a small change in the frame to this bed since my first writing this post as well as since I purchased them. I don’t worry about my boys falling out and getting hurt, but I still feel like decor wise, they look pleasing to the eye with no box spring (as opposed to some beds I have seen!

My boys do not follow all the rules by any means (if yours do…please leave me your secrets in the comments haha) thus I have caught them jumping on these beds a lot!

I have not once heard them squeak and I don’t feel as though when I move them for cleaning and such that the connecting points loosen. My daughter has a pottery barn bed (see her room here) , and I honestly feel as tho this one is as sturdy or more than hers is! I don’t know if it was error on assembly or if it was just a slight imperfection, but that truly was the only flaw we found, and I feel as though it was worth noting!

When I am looking for a piece of furniture there are always a few measurements I am wondering about for mostly decor or storage reasons that are hard to find online. As with any painted wood bed (similar to a crib) if you have a little one who might be rough on it you could definitely ruin it by scratching it or chewing on it. As far as I know the bed only comes in a Twin or a toddler size, so if you are looking for a full, you will want to visit the option of the Crate and Barrel version.

Please feel free to leave me a comment or DM on Instagram if you have questions, and I would love to see pictures of it in your home if you purchase!

Since sharing these beds on Instagram and my blog the first time I can not tell you how many friends and followers have told me they wish they had seen these before spending the money on the Crate and Kids version. They truly are a really close dupe of the more expensive option, however to me in the case of a boys room I find that this version actually leans more masculine.

The current bed I shared is out of stock, so I wanted to give you other great options to consider for the times this one is sold out. Please always feel free to reach out to me via Instagram (@arinsolange) with any questions or comments.

If you purchase the Jenny Lind bed after the newly added middle leg on the side pieces, I would also LOVE a review on how you feel that looks in person, as I have gotten a few questions on that.

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