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Read this guide for quick tips on making your home decor pop with our original illustrations, coffee table books, art prints, and more. Since Anderson Design Group’s founding in 2007, our poster artists have composed 31 art collections (and counting) comprising over 2,000 original illustrations. More on this later, but something novel like a hardcover coffee table book can be a conversation starter, an enjoyable read, and a decor piece all in one!

Some room styles with cabin, cottage, or lodge vibes might be more suited to metal signs. While our illustrated prints look like vintage poster art from the early 20th Century, they are all original creations that we have made available in four ideal sizes to fit any wall space. Folks who want to decorate a studio apartment, small condo, tiny home, or college dorm will love these.

Perfect for little spaces like desks, mantels, and shelves, ADG’s easel-backed mini canvases are hand-crafted and made to order. Rugged and retro, metal signs are a great way to decorate a living room when one is going for a more vintage, woodsy, cabin, or cottage vibe.

Strategically placing a notecard on a living room mantle or windowsill goes a long way toward decorating a space, especially if the notecard embodies a similar style as the living room wall art and decor. While people mail ADG’s postcards back and forth all the time, some think of these beauties as pocket-sized posters and decorate with them! As mentioned earlier, coffee table books are a great way to add a unique decor accent to a living room. This book is not only aesthetically pleasing and therefore ideal as a living room centerpiece, but it’s also fun to pick up and read and a great item for entertaining a guest or starting a conversation.

One of the easiest ways to decorate a living room and make a big statement is with a Curated Gallery Wall Set. The Curated Gallery Wall Set takes the guesswork out of decorating a living room by creating an easy and affordable way to display a handpicked grouping of ADG’s most popular prints. And with eight different wall sets to choose from, it’s the perfect low-cost solution to decorating the living room.

Similar to the coffee table book idea, some homeowners and designers prefer to decorate living rooms with an artistic jigsaw puzzle.

Once the epoxy is dry, the picture frame can be hung vertically on the wall, displaying the completed puzzle and creating a one-of-a-kind living room decor piece. Bright rooms with large windows and plenty of natural light look best with lighter-colored artwork.

A good choice for a room with a fair amount of natural light is ADG’s Premium Gallery Wrapped Canvases. Embodying a retro feel and perfect for outdoor and indoor decor alike, ADG’s metal signs have the look and feel of vintage posters while still being made with 21st-century printing techniques and UV coatings that keep the signs lustrous and colorful for years to come.

With that in mind, ADG launched a Bargain Bin Collection, an assortment of sale items to help folks decorate their homes on a budget.

At reduced prices up to 70% off, this wide selection of prints allows customers to decorate entire rooms with enough money left over for a puzzle or coffee table book!

If this article was helpful and you decorate your living room with ADG art, we’d love to see how it turned out!

Learn to Decorate Your Living Room with ADG Poster Art
Learn to Decorate Your Living Room with ADG Poster Art

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