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All these students have one simple thing in common: they all need to study hard if they want to get good grades in their classes. One easy way to make these lounges as effective as possible is by placing comfortable bean bag chairs in them.

Before you put a single bean bag chain into your student lounge, the first thing you should do is paint the walls and make them the right colour. Ideally, you should choose a colour that will help students focus and concentrate when they’re spending time in the lounge. Green is a cool colour that will add a sense of tranquillity to a room while also making those in it feel more energetic Red is a warm colour that will stimulate a student’s senses and help them pull off an all-nighter

If you’re going with a colour that’s on the softer side, a bright-red Cocoon Suede 104cm might be the perfect complement to it. You should also find a way to cover the walls of your beanbag lounge with inspirational quotes that will motivate them while they’re studying.

Here are some of the kinds of quotes students should see on the lounge walls when they’re studying on a bean bag chair: Instead, invest in a bunch of smaller study lamps and place them next to the bean bag chairs that you have throughout your lounge.

Try to find lamps that use warm halogen lighting that won’t put too much strain on students’ eyes. If you paint the walls white and the lights are too bright, students will choose to stay in their dorm rooms rather than studying in the lounge.

As an added bonus, putting rugs down on the floor will also make the room feel physically warmer. The rugs will also muffle sounds in the room and make it feel a whole lot quieter than it would otherwise.

In the event that a student wants to make their bean bag chair even more comfortable, they’ll appreciate that you have throw pillows scattered around the room. If you don’t have room to add desk space to your student lounge, it’s not a huge problem. There are ways to work from a bean bag chair when you’re using a laptop, a tablet, or any other type of technology. Add compartments on those desks so students can organize their study materials as they work on assignments.

Studies have shown that about 75 per cent of people drink at least one cup of coffee every day. There are lots of college students who depend on coffee to give them the spark they need to get all their studying done.

And as long as you’ve put at least a few of these lounge decor ideas to good use, it should start coming together.

If you’re trying to do it now, keep the tips listed here in mind when picking out things to put into your study area. You should select bean bag chairs in a variety of different sizes to accommodate all the students who will use the lounge.

lounge decor
lounge decor

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