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Modern Farmhouse, DIY Barn Door Coffee Table I know I brought you 2 DIY coffee tables last month but when I was cleaning out my garage last week I found the makings for 2 more. Coffee tables are fairly easy to envision in anything even remotely boxy or rectangle. I found the barn door at my local architectural salvage yard in their trash pile! Before I could even consider a barn door coffee table, this guy needed a bath. Since an average coffee table height is between 16-18 inches, the legs plus the thickness of the barn door will give me a nice height coffee table.

I did end up removing the hinges since the flat side of the barn door will be the bottom of the coffee table. To construct my skirt frame, I drilled 2, 1/2″ holes in each corner about 1/2″ deep.

Fill the 1/2″ holes with a few drops of wood glue and small pieces of the 1/2″ dowel. By drilling the hole for the dowel, more of the screw length goes into the leg (or the corner). To cover up my very new looking dowels, I spread a dab of antique wax on them and rubbed off the excess. To cover up these holes, I dabbed a little gray paint over the dowels and wiped off the excess.

When the gray paint was dry, I added a few more dabs of the white wax. The white wax really brightened up this grungy barn door coffee table.

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