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Bursting with stunning prints and vibrant colors, our Moroccan window treatments nod to some of the country’s most cherished places and customs. From classic, traditional homes to modern boho spaces, Moroccan curtains make it easy to style your windows. A turquoise blue accent offers a cool, bright contrast to the cranberry ground of the print. Grey and white is a color combination that’s both on-trend and classic at the same time, making it a great choice for your window treatments (especially when you like to change up your decor!).

That said, if you love neutral colors but also enjoy Moroccan patterns, turn to our Royal Mansour collection. We found design inspiration in the latticework of the royal hotel in Marrakech, so this collection is high-style, guaranteed.

All of our linens are hand block printed at our artisans’ studio in Rajasthan, India, and we have an affinity to all things handcrafted, including the Moroccan tilework craft known as zellige. Evoke a sense of romance and mystique, and transport yourself (temporarily) to another place by hanging long, flowing sheer curtains rendered in red. Spice Route conjures images of trodden paths, bustling bazaars, sultans and sheiks.

We’re especially enamored with the gleaming white buildings, azure skies, steaming cups of mint tea, and Atlantic waters of Casablanca. The name of the city alone stirs up great notions of nostalgia, romance, and excitement, which we’ve captured in our Casablanca collection. Given that, a handcrafted beaded valance curtain is just the thing for a small window in a Moroccan style room.

Our Kilim CP (complementary print) in cream, red, and black provides a great way to bring in a large dose of style to a small window. Morocco borders the Atlantic ocean as well as the Mediterranean sea, so it’s only natural that a Mediterranean-inspired print would appear in a collection of Moroccan curtains.

The complementary print from this collection features a stylized floral motif, which brings a decidedly elegant and feminine flair to a set of Moroccan style curtains.

Ethereal and printed in an ever-elegant monochromatic color scheme of white, these Moroccan window treatments are a chic choice. The rest of the color scheme nods to the city’s custom of drinking mint green tea and its proximity to Atlantic waters, all contained within a quatrefoil pattern. With its grassy green ground and gold paste adornments, these Indian curtains hang easily in a room otherwise outfitted in traditional Moroccan decor.

Our Favorite Green Exterior House Colors

Delia Embroidered Floral Sheer Rod Pocket Curtain Panel