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Floating shelves are also a popular option because they are easy to fit into tight spaces since they use very little mounting hardware. Alternatively, one or two longer floating shelves can be installed above kitchen counters, providing additional space with minimal impact. Shop The Hardwood Lumber Company’s floating shelf collection, handcrafted from a variety of wood species. Other options, like butcher block and live edge slabs, add natural warmth to a farmhouse kitchen.

For example, glass often makes a great complement to lightly colored granite and marble shelves. Meanwhile, wood shelves can help enhance wooden countertops, doubling down on a natural design that incorporates earth tones and warm hues.

Dishes, glassware, and other items can be stacked on corner shelves within easy reach of the sink or dishwasher, depending on the layout of your kitchen. This is also another opportunity to create a unique complementary look: select a shelf that complements your backsplash to add contrast and depth! If extra space is a top priority for your kitchen, adding hooks to the bottom of floating shelves can almost double their storage potential. You can hang mugs, pots, pans, and other cooking utensils from the hooks and store larger items on the shelf. Hooks will maximize vertical space in your kitchen without forcing you to store items where they are hard to reach or see. Always check with the shelving manufacturer or refer to the included installation instructions for weight capacities.

However, installing recessed shelving requires extra work, so keep that in mind when planning your project. Whether you’re planning a complete remodeling of your kitchen or simply want to add some extra storage, open shelves are a great option. Our craftsmen can create one of a kind hardwood floating shelves, butcher block countertops, and more.

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