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Well, it wasn’t supposed to arrive until mid-late March… so, when I got the shipment notification on Thursday with a scheduled Friday delivery- done! Meanwhile, I was am also preparing for some spring tours which means a 2 hour round trip trek to Trader Joe’s, marathon flower arranging sessions, cleaning and picking up from all those other projects (like the foyer closet makeover that still has the dining table cluttered with tools).

I felt broken last night with sore bones and ladder foot and as soon as this post is wrapped, I will have to get back to it as I’m shooting spring photos today and it still looks like a tornado hit our house. I have to tell you/ask you about one more thing and then I’ll finally get to the point of this post – a project I completed two weekends ago – organization for under the kitchen sink.

Ok, so to ease my aches and ailments last night (and to get clean obvi), I did a shower/bath soak “cocktail”. I don’t care if I have to make time for this ritual in the middle of the night – I want to start doing this at least once every other week.

My mom always brings me goodies and special finds when she visits – some are random but they are so thoughtful. So, now that I’ve talked about drywall, lights, my messy house, bath bombs, ladder foot, etc., I’m ready to share one of my latest organizational updates- underneath the kitchen sink. I am not a plumber or an electrician and I’m sure there is a reason why all the piping and cords have to be smack dab in the center of the cabinet, but really?!

I exchanged a few types of shelving and a too-big-for-the-space lazy susan but am so tickled with the end result. We shop at Costco so we do have extra stock of a lot of items; with the limited space, I was fine with those going in the back left corner. All of my most used Hope’s cleaners were arranged on a 13″ lazy susan for easy access (I told you I loved the Perfect line ;)) – if you can go larger, I totally would… and I tried but in my corner cabinet, with the pipes, there just wasn’t enough room.

I used this substantial plate rack for two-tiered storage and found handled baskets which could fit underneath to hold sponges, extra drains, and all the “small stuff”. One of the biggest game changers though was this OXO Pop slanted jar for our dishwashing tabs (this is the 5qt.). As I mentioned, we are huge Costco people so we buy in bulk, but the buckets/boxes of tabs are so unwieldy!

Here’s a peek into my bottom basket- Mr. Clean magic eraser, silver polish, spare drains, sponges…

Take inventory of what your space allows for and consider turntables, risers, shelves, baskets, and containers.

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