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Here at Homemakers, our wide variety of home furniture and accessories pieces have you feeling American pride year-round. Since you and your guests generally spend the most time here, adding colorful furniture can help you get into that American-spirit. Keep the flow of your living room constant with subtle accents like a rug or ottoman. One easy way to introduce red, white, and blue in this room is with a stylish comforter. Include some accent furniture like a pair of blue nightstands or an ottoman to complete the overall look. A centerpiece is an important feature to any dining table and accentuates the overall style of your home.

You’ve probably been spending a lot of time in your home office, whether for work, school, or as a secret getaway, which may prompt you to give it a makeover. Don’t be afraid to paint the walls a bright, vibrant color to keep your brain engaged.

Add a vintage desk, comfortable seating, and some red stationery, and you’ve got yourself the perfect study spot!

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