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This year we are leaping and bringing forth silver Christmas tree ideas. Adding a glamorous touch to your Christmas tree can be exactly what it needs to come back to life.

Bringing a smokey shade not only enhances what you already have, but it truly helps you embrace a richer almost edgier take on traditional Christmas decor.

Furthermore, they’re the perfect touch to any area in your home that needs a little holiday cheer. Subsequently, this idea works best for those that want a unique touch in an awkward corner. When it comes to adding a nostalgic twist to your Christmas decor, consider bringing classic bits such as tinsel and/or traditional red and green hues.

Having these bits will further enhance the appeal of the room while taking you back for a vintage ride. It offers the perfect gradual display that has a modern yet edgy twist that makes the room come to life. Though it is an older decorating style it is now coming back with force. Maximize the tree’s appeal by adding a heavy coating of tinsel.

Flocking is the perfect excuse to add a white, almost snow-like approach to your tree. Pair with glittery ornaments to complete the tree’s new flocked charm.

If you aren’t prepared to fully commit to a silver tree, consider tiny glass ones instead. Not only are they adorably small, but they come in different, colors, sizes and appeal meaning you can decorate with them anywhere in your home.

Furthermore, these work great when you want to add a metallic touch without the full-on commitment. Bringing in a silver tree will make a huge contrast while enabling you to showcase the rest of your home. This works great if you have a smaller space or simply can’t commit to an entire silver tree.

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