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But I was persistent in my search, and it turns out Sherwin-Williams Emerald Exterior fits the bill. This premium performance paint is self priming which meant prep was faster and stands the test of time – so crucial when you’re dealing with an exterior.

Because we spend most of our time in the back I needed something that looked amazing in west-facing sunsets and wasn’t too blinding in them either. I wasn’t sure that I loved being forced into that color just to be satisfied with the two places those elements met. I like how nice the brick looks and your eye is drawn to the dental moulding now that the colors are calm. I really wanted to rework the portico and front door entirely, but tackling the exterior and the decks at one time was project enough.

Micah did appease me by getting rid of the sunburst in the arch when he was replacing some of the wood siding, and we added the most beautiful house numbers from Dropcap Studio. I love the look of the scripted numbers you see on older homes, but I wanted a fresh approach that still felt traditional.

I was able to choose the font, size, style and finish to suit my needs and wants. What was there was very traditional in shape, but it had 80’s stained glass details (like the sidelights around our front door) that were dating them. Craftmade has a wide range of lighting options, but I loved these classic, Straight Glass Cast post lights and Straight Glass Cast pendant. The south side houses our sunrooms and the windows look so much more calming enveloped in white.

Around 6pm when I took these pictures the color really comes through on that side and there is a definite difference between the house and the fence. This potting bench is really affordable and I added a mirror I got off of Facebook Marketplace to dress it up a bit.

We hope to replace most of the landscaping this next year the white really makes the overgrowth apparent and someday rework the portico and front door to undate the house even more.

I know I didn’t show you the back of the house, but you’ll have to wait to see that when I reveal the decks the end of this week. *Thank you to my generous partners; Sherwin-Williams, Emtek, Craftmade, and Dropcap Studio for gifting product that made this project possible.

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